Meter seal Super Scut

Unit Price:€ 1.00
Business areas: Public utilities, Transportation, Public institutions, Agriculture
Security level: 4
Delivery up to 24 hours: Yes
Customisation: Yes
Dimensions: 11,4 mm (rotor width); 30,3 mm (seal height)
Durability: 4
QPC: 1000 pcs
Material: Tyrilo 905 UV (stirol-Acrylonitrile)
Certificates: ISO:9001l Eurasian patent No. 003988; Moldavian patent No. 2155; Romanian Nr. 119490;
Removal: With tool
Reusability: No
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Customisation Text or logo, barcode, 7-digit number. Transparent case allows using different color combinations of the inner parts of the seal, possibility to print number on the hasp.
Colors Different colours can be combined; green, red, blue, orange, white, yellow
- Various meters (electricity, water, gas and heating);
- Fuel tanks;
- Vehicles
- Manufacturer‘s logo „OLIMP“  and name of the seal „Super SCUT“ are printed on every seal, indicating that product is original, patented and meets all technical requirements;
- Suitable for temperatures between -50 and +50°C;
- Seal operates with a galvanized cable, recommended diameter 0.6 - 0.7 mm;
- Length of the wire can be extended by special order;
- Utilising used seals requires no extra conditions;
- Application doesn't require any special tools;
- Internal mechanism rotates clockwise only, therefore extraction of the wire after sealing becomes impossible;
- Breaking the hasp of the rotor after sealing is highly recommended for extra security.


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